1031 (KIT-1031 / pack of 1)

01031 (KIT-1031 / pack of 1)

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This Sintering Plant Kit, developed by Dean Freytag, is actually three kits in one; the Sintering Processing Building, Materials Bunker and the Blower Assembly. Sintering Plants were used to process Iron ore fines and other coke breeze into sizable lumps to be fed into the Blast Furnace. However, it is not limited only to this function and may be modified to fit many other industrial facilities. The overall dimensions are 30Ó (762mm) wide by 18Ó (457mm) high (includes stack) by 7Ó (178mm) deep. See also Steel Mill Kit code: KIT-1030 and THE CYCLOPEDIA OF INDUSTRIAL MODELING code: BOOK-115